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New to Pivot Tables or want to get more out of them? This online course is designed to give you a solid understanding of Pivot Tables, taking you from novice to ninja!

Pivot Tables are a powerful tool within Excel that can be used to analyze, sort, filter and present data in an understandable way.

In 36 engaging lessons you will learn best practices for preparing source data, using database data, how to preserve formats and create custom styles, sorting and filtering techniques, and much more.

Whether you use Excel for work or study, these tutorials will start you on your journey to becoming a Pivot Tables Ninja! Learn more about how a Expert-Skill Excel certification can boost your career.

The course is Microsoft Excel 2010 and 2013 compliant. Video tutorials are recorded in Microsoft Excel 2013 for PC, and where the user interface is significantly different, Excel 2010 videos are provided too.

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Once enrolled, our friendly support team and tutors are here to help with any course related inquiries.


Microsoft Excel - Pivot Tables 6 coaching hours

Microsoft Excel - Pivot Tables

  • 36 course lessons
  • Interactive tutorial
  • 1 coaching hour included

The Very Basics

Sourcing Your Data

Laying Out the Pivot Table

Pivot Table Calculations

Pivot Table Formatting


Filtering Data

Extracting Data

Data Visualization