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If you want to grow your business and get your products, services or accomplishments noticed, you need to know the right way to get the media’s attention. Press releases are a key marketing and public relations tool to build brand recognition, boost sales and gain credibility in your industry.

Whether you are a business owner, work in PR or marketing, or volunteer at a non-profit, this online course can help you write a successful press release, build solid relationships with journalists, and get published by prominent media outlets.


  • 32 practical tutorials.
  • How to write an effective press release.
  • Press release template and examples.
  • Industry pro tips for content and format.
  • How to target the right audience.
  • Using press releases as a marketing tool.
  • How to contact and build relationships with journalists.
  • Increasing brand visibility through press releases.
  • Using social media for promotion.
  • Crisis management communications.

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Press Releases

Press Releases

  • 32 course lessons
  • Interactive tutorial
  • 1 coaching hour included


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